Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wedding: Cristina & Todd

Date: March 13th, 2009
Venue: Canyon Springs Golf Club
City: San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for having such a great attitude you guys! Cristina and Todd had a beautiful ceremony planned outdoors by a gorgeous waterfall right by the 18th green. Mother nature had other plans and gave us 40 degrees with rain. No matter. Plan B was amazing.

Introducing Anna, the bride's daughter. There is some serious cuteness here...

3 generations!

Here is the couple grabbing a few moments to themselves before the ceremony.

Yea, I love this shot!

Note to grooms, kissing the brides hand always scores points...

Ok, publicly professing your love to your bride during the ceremony is wonderful. Professing all the love in your heart to her daughter surround by those who mean the most to you scores MAJOR points. My assistant was teary eyed, I just did the chin quiver (more manly).

One hard-working Grandma!

She sees a cow out the window, and she really wants you to know all about it.

What troopers, By the time the ceremony was over it had stopped raining and we braved the cold, cold weather for some portraits. I promised them that they may feel cold, but they won't look cold in the final product. Sort of like lying to history.


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