Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Did It Session: Christina & Ryan

Date: June 6, 2009
Venue: Warehouse District / Mount Bonnell
City: Austin, Texas

Q: What the heck is a 'We Did It Session'?
A: Only the most fun way to photograph a couple... ever.

Many of our brides are opting to do a post-wedding bride and groom session in place of the more traditional bridal session. It is a really fun mix of bridals and Bride & Groom portraits we do at any point after the wedding. It is so much fun to be able to take a couple around to a bunch of funky locations and shoot without the distractions and time constraints of the wedding day. (Plus it is kick-butt date!)


Blogger Sherry (girlwithacamera) said...

I love these! The series in the construction tunnel are awesome!
Sherry H

4:59 PM  

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