Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wedding: Lisa & Steve

Date: August 8th, 2008
Venue: Rockin' TJ Ranch
City: Bozeman, Montana

Greetings from Big Sky country!

We got to know Lisa and Steve about a year ago at Tiffany and Nathan's Wedding in Austin. We hit it off right away and next thing you know we are getting on a plane to shoot their wedding in Montana! We had so much fun just being a part of the whole celebration week. We arrived 4 days before the wedding and photographed a BBQ, campfire with smores, whitewater rafting, Steve's birthday dinner, bar-hopping, rehearsal/rehearsal dinner and the wedding (more of these images to come in a few days). We really got to know all their friends and family over the week so by the time the wedding came we knew everyone!


They had a 65 Mustang as a get-a-way car. Sweet ride.

The ranch was amazing with wonderful spots everywhere.

A heavy rainstorm came though right before the ceremony was to start. Everyone kept their cool and we just waited it out. The rain stopped and we started about an hour later than planned. We all walked out and held the ceremony with this as our backdrop

The couple are huge Pittsburgh Steelers fans. During games their fans have a tradition of waiving 'Terrible Towels'. Lisa and Steve had some towels custom made for the event to incorporate this spirit.


I love you guys

Congrats you two!


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