Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun in Key West: day 4, the wedding

Date: December 19, 2008
Venue: The Reach Resort
City: Key West, Florida

There should be some absolutes in life: the St. Louis Cardinals should always make the playoffs, your name should never appear as part of a headline on The Drudge Report, and you should always be healthy on your wedding day. Not that you can tell from these photos (she looked AMAZING!) but poor Sara felt absolutely horrible in the hours leading up to the wedding. Luckily Sara started feeling better and was able to dance all night!

Check out the awesome bird cage veil. We rarely get to shoot these so we had a fun time with this glamorous veil.

Helloooooo, ladies.

Love this sweet photo of Sara and her dad coming down the aisle.

Despite the flu, Sara married her Prince Charming.

Seriously, the guy looks just like Prince Charming.

The resort was absolutely beautiful and had lots of fun places to shoot.

Traditional beach wedding photo: rinsing the sand off your feet.

We took some time at the end of the night to snap some shots in the resort's restaurant, The Strip. The restaurant name is doubly apropos in that it is a steakhouse and is decorated with images of scantily clad women.


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