Thursday, July 02, 2009

Baby: Kyle | Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer

Date: July 2, 2009
Venue: Private Residence
City: Austin, Texas

Sweet, sweet baby Kyle. He is the most adorable little ball of love. Kyle's mommy and sister are in our playgroup, and I (Olivia) was so excited to photograph him. After a thorough hand washing I also got to hold him. This job has some definite perks!

Big sister, Emily, has no idea how much her brother is going to play with her (and, likely, torment her at times) as he grows.

Mom and dad put a lot of thought into designing his nursery.

Mama's shoulder looks like a good place for a snooze.

Look who's awake!

Oh, he is so stinkin' sweet!

The whole family.

Kyle is reportedly a fantastic sleeper. Almost makes me want another. Almost...

Sometimes the baby's toys are more interesting than the baby.


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