Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding: Kyla & Jacob

Date: 5.10.08
Venue: Vintage Villas
City: Austin, Texas

The boys...

The girls...

I really wish I would have heard this joke.

I love these 'proud dad' shots. So hard to believe that is going to be me someday (but first I have to get my daughter to stop showing her boogers to everyone.)

A fun sequence! We love putting a series of quick images together, it really tells the story!

Stephanie and the gang over at Bouquets of Austin did a beautiful job as usual.

Kyla and Jacob met in China and many of the decorations reflected the couples unique history. I am told this says, 'love'.

Now this is a bouquet toss!


Blogger Shannon said...

Lovely as usual.

Don't worry - I'm sure there is a booger showin' boy out there for little Georgia.

11:24 PM  

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