Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wedding: Tracy & Ryan

Date: 5.31.08
Venue: Texas Union Ballroom, University of Texas Campus
City: Austin, Texas

Fun with the boys

These shots are always a lot of fun whenever we have a balcony to shoot from.

Here are a few shots from Tracy's bridal session a month ago. I had to sit on these images until now so they would not fall in the 'wrong hands'.

Dawn and the girls over at Your Own Fairy Godmother did a rockin' job of keeping things running smooth.

I love ceremony sites that allow us to change vantage points and discreetly get these very wonderful expressions!

Now this is a cake! A Mario Brothers tribute! Simon Lee Bakery did the cakes, so fun.

Tracy and Ryan knew they would have quite a few kids at the reception so they provided a play area complete with Legos, coloring, glow sticks, inflatable guitars, etc.... This guy really got into it.


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