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Destination Weddings

We just love to do destination weddings. Sure it is a great way to see fun places but more than anything we love them because we get to spend so much more time really getting to know our couples. This always makes the wedding day so much more fun because by that time we are all great friends and are super-comfortable with each other. We just got back from spending 5 days in Montana with Lisa & Steve's awesome wedding.

Here are some questions about Destination Weddings that we get all the time:

Q: Is it expensive?
A: Yes, We require our full wedding rate plus all travel/hotel expenses but you all get so much more coverage. Over the 5 days in Montana we photographed:

Family BBQ
Float trip
Grooms birthday party
Fun out on the town
Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner
Welcome reception to out of town guests
Random hotel fun
Extra session with bride and groom
Full wedding day (but not the 3am hot tub parties, wink wink)

Q: Where do you go?
A: Wherever you want to be married. We have done everything including several Mexican Beaches and all over America (yes, that includes Vegas)

The BBQ was the first night, it was great meeting all the family members. We grabbed Lisa and Steve for some portraits around proptery.

Here is Lisa and her sister/cousins

Me rockin' the rental. I'm sure Ford will want me to model for them now...

Ahh, waterproof camera fun

Rehearsal fun. Since we had never been to this venue before we arrived early with the bride and groom to do some photos and test out some spots we were going to use on the wedding day.

This is me and my Buddie Nate, a former groom of ours.

The guys are huge Steelers Fans, these are their kick-$%* groomsmen gifts.

By the time the wedding day came we were one happy family.


Blogger Lisa Seacat said...

TYLER & OLIVIA ARE THE BEST!! I can't even count the number of our guests that have told us that our pictures are the best wedding photos they have EVER seen.

Having them at our wedding in Montana made it that much more fun because we really got to know them as people. There were actual times during our wedding were I'd look over and feel bad because I just wanted them to enjoy themselves and dance like the rest of our friends were doing... but somehow they still managed to have a great time between photos. It was actually an impressive way Tyler was able to get some fun intimate shots during the dancing... he'd be boogieing and then take a shot. SOOOO MUCH FUN!

Here's an email we just sent them about our destination wedding experiences:

Tyler & Olivia~

Steve and I are finally back from the honeymoon and are beginning to settle in a little. Lots of things to do like write thank you notes and change my name! I only got to look through the wedding photos once all the way through but they were breathtaking as expected. I can't express enough how much both of our families (and friends) loved you guys. There were a few times when someone would look around and say "where is Tyler & Olivia"... you fit in so well, and not just because of the freckles. ;) You are such a fun couple with awesome personalities!

We know that you sacrificed a lot coming out to Montana for our destination wedding during one of the busiest wedding weekends. You could've easily gotten 3 weddings that weekend if you had stayed in Austin. We're so glad you agreed to come though! It would NOT have been the same without you two. Steve and I would like you guys to keep the photobooth backdrop and stand, don't worry about paying for them, they're yours and we hope you can put them to good use with continued hilarious wedding moments such as the ones we christened them with! :)

You two were the best thing about our wedding, thank you for making the most amazing day of our lives unforgettable with both your pictures and your presence.

We love you!!

Mr. & Mrs. DeLuca

p.s. I heard from the grapevine that we might get to see you guys soon for my sisters wedding!
p.p.s. If any of your peeps need affordable yet high-quality save the date magnets from the pics you take... send them my way!

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