Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wedding: Lori & John

Date: 8.31.08
Venue: Riverbend Chapel, Shoreline Grill
City: Austin, Texas

Lori and John are Married! The whole day was so much fun made even more special by the international flair. John, his family, and all the groomsmen are from England. It just goes to show what a special couple this is when so many people come across an ocean to be with them.

Early in the day Lori gave her mom (a crier) a special hankie to use during the ceremony. Monogrammed on it was 'Always your baby girl.' Yep, Mom loved it.

Love these shots at the beginning of the ceremony.


Riverbend Chapel as some wonderful gardens out back we just love to use for portraits.

Off to the reception and Sunset. 'Batfest' was the same night so the dock was packed with people ready to see some bats. I asked nicely and 40 people hoped up and let us get this shot, they even gave the couple and ovation!


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