Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wedding: Carrie & Eli

Date: 2.23.08
Venue: Our Lady of Grace, Bushnell
City: San Antonio Texas

Twins sharing a moment in the bridal room

Carrie and Eli seeing each other for the first time,

Carrie and the Preacher minutes before the ceremony.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wedding: Marisa & David

Date: 02.15.08
Venue: Headliners Club
City: Austin, Texas

Marisa and David got married downtown at the beautiful Headliners Club. I just love the downtown views that surround this venue. It was a great time for all and the dance party was second to none. Way to go guys! It was a blast.

The mayor of Austin had to wait at the end of the hallway while we did a fun bridal series.
You know it is a big day when 'big shots' wait for you!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wedding: Katie & Jarrod

Date: 2.2.08
Venue: First Baptist Church & Hickory Street Annex
City: Dallas Texas

Father of the Bride seeing her in the dress for the first time.

Jarrod seeing Katy in her dress for the first time. The couple wanted to maximize their time with friends and family at the reception so we did all the 'formals' before the wedding.

This is how we do 'formals'.

The girls loved how their dressed looked twirling so we had to get this shot.

Jarrod watching his bride enter the church.