Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding: Jennifer & Justin

Date: 7.26.08
Venue: Riverbend Chapel, Austin Country Club
City: Austin, Texas

Wow, yesterday was so much fun, beginning to end. I really got to know this couple during their engagement session. Sandy Perkins was the coordinator and did a fantastic job with all the details. Everything from the children's choir, bagpiper, mariachi band all went perfectly.

Rocky, not quite the movie you expect the girls to be watching while getting ready in their suite...

One of our handsome ring bearers. According to him he only has one girlfriend, not sure if I believe that.

There was a ton of wonderful emotion during the ceremony.

Mothers doing what Mothers are supposed to do during the ceremony.

We ducked outside for that perfect dusk light.

This is their dog who was also a ring bearer. It looks like Justin was not the only one who got to kiss the bride.

mmmm, sweet sunset...

Ok, every couple has an idea of what type of reception they want. If you have a lot of young friends and want to throw them a kick a** party go out and hire this band. They guys from the 80's hair cover band, LC Rocks, kept the dance floor packed all night. Everyone was singing along making this reception memorable for everyone.

How can photographers get more groupies? Do I need the tight black leather pants?

Keep rockin' guys. (yes, the hair is real)

Yes, Pour Some Sugar On Me...

Congrats guys!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Engagement: Angela & Jermey

Date: 7.23.08
Venue: Private Residence, Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club and Resort
City: Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Angela & Jermey and I had a great time yesterday! Their wedding and reception will be out in Horseshoe Bay next year. We went all over the place and found some great spots.

At her parents home...

On a roadside rock outcropping...

At the Horseshoe Bay Marriot...

Q: Did he make the putt?
A: Of course he did, first try, dead center.

Now to the sandy beaches and palm trees of the Yacht Club...

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding: Brandi & Brandon

Date: 7.19.08
Venue: St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Texas Union Ballroom.
City: Austin, Texas

Yet another wonderful couple! The whole day was so much fun from the brides arrival all the way to the horse drawn carrage get-a-way. We did all the pre-ceremony photos at the church and we sure used everything it had to offer (including the streets around it, elevator, and balconies).


These two love to dance so we incorporated some of that into their portraits.

We try to do a real 'fun and personal' type set up with all of our couples!