Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding: Stephanie & Steve

Date: 06.29.08
Venue: St. Mary's On the Lake / Natures Point
City: Lago Vista, Texas

Thank you wind!

The boys all got cool cowboy hats as presents, had to get some photographic proof of it.

Love the ring bearer working 'security.'

a proud dad bringing his daughter down the isle.

Love this hill out at Natures Point!

Having shoes issues...


Thursday, June 26, 2008

A little info on church rules.

I am processing images from last weekend and just came across this gem of a Dad giving his daughter away. I love how all the grandparents are jocking for the best view of the couple!

We work very hard for our clients to get the best images possible. This church, The Texas Baptist Children's Home in Round Rock, let us discreetly move around during the ceremony so we can capture the emotion from many different perspectives. All churches have different rules from limiting the photography to the choir loft or even banning photography entirely. Just be sure to check with your venue before booking so there are no surprises on the wedding day!

As you can image if I were limited to the back of the chapel last Saturday this wonderful moment would have never been recorded!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding: Catherine & Kyle

Date: 6.21.08
Venue: Texas Baptist Children's Home, Bella Notte
City: Round Rock, Texas

We had a heavy rain storm when we were to do the boys portrait session. Always prepared I gave Kyle my umbrella for some fun shots. Quick tip Kyle: This umbrella was the only birthday present I got for my wife a few years ago, that did not go over too well. Please remember this for Catherine's next birthday...

The rain let up and the boys were brave enough to join me in the sprinkle for some shots.

The happy bride arriving

I just love her personality!

Dad and bride just moments before the ceremony.

While scouting the location I saw this wonderful old gas station. We took the Bride and groom there for a few moments during the reception.

Congrats Guys!

Wedding: Angie & Ted

Date: 6.19.08
Venue: Mercury Hall
City: Austin, Texas

Part of the ceremony was the bride and groom having their hands tied together with these six pieces of rope 'in the ways of old.'

Love these windows!

The favors were a huge hit!

The cake was a castle of course

After the reception we headed down to the Capitol for some nighttime shots.